Angel-Monique Goes from the Church to the Charts with Debut

Angel-Monique Goes from the Church to the Charts with Debut

Introducing Contemporary Gospel’s Rising Star


Palm Beach Gardens, Florida - April 14, 2016 - Singing since she was a child in the church her family headed out to every Sabbath morning, Angel-Monique learned early on how to not only carry a tune but deliver the word of the Lord through song. Today she’s taking a leap into her music career with her debut, The Music in Me.

Like Whitney Houston and Brandy, Angel-Monique found her voice early on in church. She spent a great deal of her time in the Daughter of Zion children’s choir. As she grew older, her voice grew stronger - but she was hesitant to make singing her profession as she didn’t quite hear what other’s were telling her. Doubts were dissolved after her mother noted to her, “God uses imperfect people to do a perfect work.” With that, she decided to go all-in and take a leap of faith and record the contemporary ballad, “Nothing Without You.”

After that, she knew nothing could stop her as she eagerly followed that up with her debut, The Music in Me. Vocally comparable to the talents of Lalah Hathaway, Tasha Cobbs, and Ledisi, Angel-Monique’s first go out of the gate takes the power of Gospel and puts a modern spin on it. Her delivery takes control, her lyrics lift listeners’ spirits and overall the album is a great addition to the contemporary Gospel realm.

Those interested in hearing more from Angel-Monique can grab her debut, or check her out online to see when and where she’ll be performing live next.

Angel-Monique is a contemporary Gospel artist from Florida who was brought up in the church and brings her love of the Lord to life on her debut, The Music in Me.

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Even in today’s increasingly secular society, there are few hotbeds of great voices like the local church. Every Sunday, talented individuals are provided an opportunity to develop their God-given skills while giving praise to Him and while many will find music to be a secondary calling, for others it’s what they were born to do. Newcomer Angel-Monique seems to be among the latter and her debut single, “Nothing Without You,” showcases a bright young talent full of warmth and promise.

The artist began her singing career as a child, singing with the Daughter of Zion children’s choir and later worked on her craft through school, performing in choir and band while also singing with various vocal groups when opportunity arose. As time went by, the artist became more and more proficient, developing a strong vocal presence while also falling in love with the gospel music that had nurtured her since her youth.

When Angel-Monique felt the call to pursue her music in a more professional fashion, she was humbly reluctant, not seeing herself as worthy of the gospel elite. Yet, wise words from her mother that reminded her that, “God uses imperfect people to do a perfect work,” gave her the confidence to take that first step with “Nothing Without You.”

And what a step it is. Penned by Silas, the track is a contemporary ballad, infused with emotive strings and a poignant keyboard run that drives things forward. The lyric is reflective and prayerful, and although written by another, the tale it tells seems pulled straight from the artist’s own journal as she sings, “I was always told that You accept people as they are/Though I am sinful in nature You’re never too far/What can I say, how can I worship You/After all the things I’ve done, You said I still belong to You.”

But the real star here is Angel-Monique’s smooth delivery. Her tone is rich and mellifluous, rolling with a perfect amount of poise anchored with heartfelt emotion. Vocal maturity is shown throughout as she chooses her runs carefully, letting them serve the song rather than simply point to her abilities and ultimately she sings these lyrics like she means them, leaving listeners with no doubt that that she means every word.

It’s that combination of vocal talent and authentic transparency that lends “Nothing Without You” its power. Angel-Monique is a gifted vocalist and she shines here, delivering a pitch perfect performance. But what gives it that extra boost is the earnest honesty which she brings to the table, singing these prayerful lyrics not as unto man, but as unto her Heavenly Father.